Kirsten Pflomm

After much hullabaloo, Apple released its latest incarnation of the mobile device juggernaut that is the iPhone.  As usual, the media attention leading up to the launch was fraught with rumors and parodies.  The Twitterverse circulated the hashtag #iPhone5Rumors with suggestions of improvement, including a Tupac hologram, and my personal favorite, Siri’s younger sister Julie will do your laundry.

“It’s an absolute jewel.  It’s the most beautiful product we’ve ever made.”  Tim Cook, Apple CEO

Alas, the iPhone 5 cannot do your laundry for you, but it does have some pretty cool new tweaks.  In terms of hardware, the iPhone 5 has a larger screen, an improved A6 processor that is twice as fast as the 4S, an improved camera, and (hallelujah!) longer battery life.  It is also 20% lighter and 18% thinner than the iPhone 4s…something lots of us which we could be as well.

On the software side, Apple is replacing Google Maps with it’s own “Apple Maps” that includes spoken turn-by-turn directions (goodbye Tom-Tom!) and a new app called Passbook, which ties all of your airline boarding passes, loyalty programs and coupons together in one place.  And if you’re a frequent traveler like I am, you are in LOVE with that.

The new iPhone5 should be in stores in the next two weeks.  If you’re a die-hard Apple Evangelist, start packing your camping-out gear now.