A tool is worthless if you don’t use it right.

As a young man, my grandfather was an apprentice for a carpenter. On his first day, being inexperienced, he was holding his hammer near the head. The carpenter came over to him and slid his hand down to the end of the handle.

“You’ll get more power holding it down here”, the carpenter said.

 The next day, my grandfather was holding the hammer up near the top again. The carpenter repeated his advice, but true to his nature, my grandfather stubbornly had his hand near the top of the hammer again the next day.

This time the carpenter came over, grabbed the hammer, sawed off the handle and walked away. He didn’t say anything, because the message was clear. A tool is worthless if you don’t use it right.

In today’s global economy, the audience is larger and more diverse than ever. Using the right delivery method to reach your intended audience is crucial. Traditional outbound marketing still has its place, but the key is to diversify your marketing efforts and reach your audience through its preferred medium.

One highly effective and inexpensive way to do this is through inbound marketing. Social media and blogging are pillars of this approach, fostering relationships through strong content, goodwill, and interaction. Recent statistics show that companies with a blog get 55% more website visitors; 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through these blogs; 42% have acquired a customer through Twitter.

Inbound marketing has a plethora of new tools for your business; tools that, combined with traditional outbound marketing, will allow you to reach more audiences than ever before. But first,  learn how to use the tools, or they’ll be worthless… just like a hammer without a handle.