Lauren Morse

Jonas Sanchez, Creative Director at Green Ink Marketing Communications, knew from an early age that he wanted to be in the field of art.  “I’ve been drawing since I was six,” said Jonas.  “Cartoons, comic books, anything that was a visual storytelling medium was big for me.”

But Sanchez’s first job out of college was not what he bargained for.  Finding himself low man on the totem pole, he soon found out that he had to pay his dues in the industry.  “I was at the ‘beck and call’ of all these producers that needed a lot of logistical things done, which at the time was not my strong suit. When you do it enough you get good at it, and begin to appreciate its value.  Starting as a producer I learned what it is to manage budgets, meet timelines, manage client expectations and have those people skills first, before I started having opportunities to flex my creative muscle.”

After several years in the studio environment, Sanchez decided to start freelancing as a creative director with both the producer experience to manage a project, as well as the creative ability to add just the right amount of flair.  It was during this time that Sanchez crossed paths with Green Ink Marketing.

“Green Ink is a boutique agency,” added Sanchez.  “It’s a unique model. Passion is definitely always part of it. There’s always the passion behind anything but there’s some voodoo in the formula, that you just can’t create everywhere. The personalities, the way that everyone gets along. We have a lot of creative minds here.”

Jonas’ creative input can be seen in two of Green Ink’s recent projects: IBM’s Next 5 in 5 and CMO Study videos.

In his free time, Jonas creates oil on canvas pieces with a heavy focus on musicians, jazz in particular.  Not surprisingly, he is also the drummer in local jazz quartet CBYD.  If you find yourself in New London on any given Monday night, stop by the Bean + Leaf to listen to them play.