By: Erika Enquist

Microsoft has decided to take out the big guns and release their version of  a tablet. This will be a historic moment for them, not only because it will be one of the Apple iPad’s biggest competitors, but also because it will be the first hardware computer creation Microsoft has ever developed. The question on everyone’s mind is…will it succeed?

With Apple quickly becoming one of the world’s top companies, Microsoft feels the need to step up their game. They’ve added several different features in this new tablet that differentiates it from the iPad, including a USB feature for plug-in capabilities, a built-in kick stand for propping, and an attached flexible keyboard that allows for easy typing as well as screen protection when on the go.

One thing Apple has that is hard for many companies to achieve is proven reliability. Their products, as well as their customer service, are top notch. With self-described “Geniuses” working as their support for customer care, anyone can feel confident when making a purchase because they know that they will receive the proper consulting and support if something goes wrong. The iPad remains the tablet to beat, but perhaps Microsoft will take a bite out of their market share.