By: Jackie Fedor

Experience the benefits of social responsibility

New London, CT is a seaport city with 49% of its area being water. Trains and ferries come and go, and people have a great view of New London when they are passing through the waterfront area. Earlier this year, Green Ink volunteers along with other fellow New Londoners organized a community organization to make New London a more visually stimulating town for people passing through.

Paint the Town is a team of artists, organizers, designers and other contributors, collaborating in organic ways to make New London more attractive. Their mission is to paint murals, spruce up storefronts and historic buildings and otherwise make New London a more inviting place to live, work and visit.

Two mural paintings were created by local artist Jonas Sanchez, Creative Director at Green Ink. The largest mural that has been completed so far is the Jazz Mural on the back of a Water Street building owned by local businessman, David Spon. Jonas collaborated with his assistant, Denny, to paint the over-sized mural, while two New London women, Margaret Cherubin and Tina Fornale, painted the six large pieces based on the ‘style’ and Jazz theme established by Jonas.

Jonas also painted a beautiful homage to Bob Marley on the side of one of New London’s most popular restaurants, Hot Rod’s.  The theme of ‘One Love, One Heart’ is now imbued in the heart of New London.

Check out a group of Connecticut College volunteers in action in this amature video: Paint the Town on April 14.

The mission of the group is expanding to include work with local arts and civic organizations to qualify for grant money for larger capital projects, as well as a high school art program to help encourage community support by local youth. They’ve only just begun.

Many hands make the load lighter and leading a community group can be great PR.   Recently, a soon-to-be-intern was attracted to Green Ink primarily because of its community involvement.  People want to work for and partner with businesses that care about the environment and give back to communities by taking action.  Smarter Cities start with individuals working together with a shared vision.  Let’s Paint the Town!

We encourage any volunteers to meet at 10:30AM this Saturday August 25th at the New London Parade Plaza in downtown, to come support Paint the Town with fellow Conn College volunteers. Rain or shine we hope to see you there! 

We would also like to remind you to come out and support New London’s Caribbean Night this Saturday August, 25th at Custom House Pier from 5-11PM. Experience live music, entertainment, food, fireworks and more!